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About Eidos

Elegance and flexibility

Characterized by its great versatility and innovative design, Eidos includes a wide range of models. The Plus model ensures maximum comfort in theaters and auditoriums. With a wider seat with richer seams than the basic model, row and place number elegantly embroidered on the side and under the seat, and a side that extends to the ground, these elements convey innovative design and functionality.


  • Multiple leg options including full or half legs
  • Comfort seat option
  • Plastic or wooden back options
  • Customizable through a wide range of sidewalls and arm caps for different aesthetic requirements and utilization of spaces
  • Also available in a fixed foot and beam version
  • Has the option to be equipped with a wide range of anti-panic writing tables
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Each element of Time exists along a single elegant plane. Its well-defined shapes and angles make it unique and immediately recognizable. The tapered sides determine the placement and volume of the other elements, which follow their lead. This architectural rhythm is particularly pronounced when rows of these chairs are placed side by side.


Metropolitan is a complete collection featuring a highly varied range of sides and backrests, all perfectly coordinated and interchangeable. This makes it ideal for classic or contemporary settings. The Rossini sides feature armrests carved from a single piece of solid wood, with soft and elegant lines.


Characterized by its great versatility and innovative design, Eidos includes a wide range of models.


The V9's clean lines and narrow profile makes for a functional and comfortable viewing experience for any auditorium, stadium, or theater. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and minimal space.

Genesis Evolution

Based on an exclusive concept of body bolster (the true “heart” of the system), Genesis may, indeed, be considered the “origin” of a new generation of armchairs for public areas.


Functionally designed with ergonomics in mind, the Capri chair contours to the viewers body and makes for a long-lasting comfortable experience.

S400 Contina

The Contina Seating System provides elegant, comfortable, and reliable seating at an affordable price–perfect for auditoriums and other larger venues.


This shape makes for an ergonomic recline and an eye-catching silhouette perfect for auditoriums, theaters, and music venues.


The strength of the Premiere line is its combination of technologically advanced solutions and new production methods. Aesthetics and function are given equal importance.